Royal Darlings

Natural Beauty Pageant

              Rules and Regulations


Royal Darlings is a program based on the foundational principles of positive self-image and natural beauty within. We believe that kids should be kids, we stress the use of age appropriate activities and attire in all age divisions. We have a no tolerance policy for poor sportsmanship and violation of pageant policies. We want to celebrate the young lady you are and we look forward to all of the fun we will share.

**Personal Introduction**

 For this Part of the competition the contestant should be wearing a nice dress that you would wear to church or an interview outfit.No pantsuits,No hats,gloves,purses and absolutely NO MAKEUP for ages under 11.Shoes should complement the outfit.The introduction should include your name,age,future aspiration, and anything you would like the judges to know about you.The introduction should not be longer than 1 minute in length.

Here is an example of an introduction: Through the stars and over the moon. Thats right ladies and gentleman when I grow up I am going to be an astronaut. I love reading and learning new things everyday. I am so happy to have met all of you I am Royal Darling 7 years old from Columbus, Ohio.


I am Royal Darling and I am 7 years old from Columbus Ohio. When I grow up I want to become a movie star. i love spending time with my family and friends. Thank You.

**Formal Dress**

 Your dress can be a short formal dress, a tea length formal dress, or a floor length formal dress. Your dress should have an even hemline and have no dress hoops. You should choose a style and color that compliments you and that you feel confident in. When looking at the dress, if you are questioning as to whether it is appropriate for your age then be aware that a judge may wonder it also.

If you choose a floor length: The dress must be floor length, either just touching the floor or up to as much as 1 1/2" from the floor. One half inch off the floor is ideal.

If you choose a tea length: the tea-length dress should have a hem that is between the ankle and mid-calf. A tea-length dress should Not be touching the ankle nor should it be just below the knees.

If you choose a short party dress: if you chose to have a "short" dress be sure that it is NOT mid calf or ankle length. A short dress should be anywhere from about your fingertips down to as low as around your knees.

**Make Up**

 The simplest thing is to leave make-up at home! There should be absolutely no make-up on ages 1-10. Yes you may wear a little clear lip balm during the competition, if you have a blemish or scratch you can lightly cover up we want you to look and feel your best. Just remember if a Judge notices makeup you WILL loose points, the more you have on the more points you will loose.

 This weekend is about making a special memory, having fun, caring, sharing, growth, gaining confidence, and making new friends. It is NOT about who wins or does not win or makes it as a finallist. The gauge of how well you did, or even if it was a "good pageant" is not based on the outcome of the contests. You should be proud that you did your best, that you were brave enough to try and  had fun. Do not stress out or feel down. This day is all about building confidence and experiencing a moment of glitz and glory. After the pageant is over, no matter how your  daughter did PLEASE keep your focus on what is truly important. Remind her that she is always a WINNER and that the pageant is for everyone not just the winner.Make sure she knows that she is amazing and you are proud of her just for being her.  Encourage her to congratulate the winner and build character. True winners show kindness not only when they win but when they do not win as well. Do not analyze what happened and what you should have done instead, spend that time praising her bravery for getting up there and doing her best.

An area that I want to caution on is Gossip. We all have emotions we are human but they need to be controlled. Royal Darlings has a no tolerance policy for bashing of contestants, placing, judges, or the pageant for any reason. If you feel that anything is contrary to the rules or you feel is an issue of fairness contact the pageant director personally and we will discuss the matter in the appropriate forum. It is easy to put blame on the system and say that it was not fair think about what you are teaching your daughters when you behave this way. It is hard not to have these feelings, we are only human. We will not Tolerate this on any level you will be removed from the premises resulting in disqualification of your daughter with no refund. We are very proud of what we do to ensure the equality and fairness within our pageant system. If your daughter does not place it does not mean she does not have all of the beauty and presence of the girl that did win, there just may have been something that stood out more than others. Gossip, and discouragement serve NO positive purpose. We again are here to make this a wonderful growing experience to build self confidence, fun, poise, presence, life skills and friends to cherish for a lifetime. Poor sportsmanship is not a quality that we want to instill in these very impressionable young ladies and I am sure we can all agree on that.

When it comes to scoring we will provide a level playing field at that pageant. We take all of the standard time proven steps to ensure this. We use a large panel of judges helping to ensure balance and equality. No judge has any interest in a specific girl placing higher than another. There is no opportunity for the judges to discuss the pageant or collectively select the winner. This is strictly enforced and forbidden. The scores are collected and totaled by a silent judge who has not observed the pageant nor has any knowledge of the contestants performance. Once the totals are complete they are sealed and given to the emcee and during pageant finale the winners are announced.

~We are so excited to see you Pageant Day! Get started by contacting us and filling out your registration.~